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FP Belt Drive Kit of Xeon Series

FP Belt Drive Kit of Xeon Series
CNC Tail Hub

GS3-6209 CNC Tail Hub
CNC Swashplate (3mm/5mm)

CNC Swashplate

Making more Possible

We are a new company established by a group of experienced designers and pilots of radio-controlled flying gadgets. Our office is located in Hong Kong and our factory in Shenzhen, China. Our expertise is in the design and production of High Quality Fiber, Plastic, CNC, or Hybrid parts.

We are specialized in Micro- and Mini-Class EP helicopters. After all these years, we found that the main problem of the "Birds" available in the market is COMPATABILITY across different brands and models. For example, end customers often cannot combine the well-designed head of Bird A with the preferred tail of Bird B. That was why we formed Guru-Z to develop a set of RC designs / products that offers the highest degree of compatibility across all brands and models of micro-helicopters currently in the market.

The highly compatible platform of designs we have developed is not about a single Bird. The compatibility we have achieved delivers the maximum CHOICES for our customers! Based upon this platform of designs / products, starting from the FiberFrame, you may start building your own heli! There will be a wide range of choices for every part of your Bird, due to the compatibility of our products. Depending on your preferences, you have flexibility along various dimensions: Head, tail, shaft (3mm vs 5mm), boom size, boom length, tail drive mechanism, main-to-tail ratio, servo layout, battery tray, skid/ski etc. With the large degree of flexibility, you may choose to build your heli in your own style! Most importantly, due to the high degree of compatibility of our designs, the heli parts you purchase at any nearby shops can almost certainly be used together with our designs / products.

That's what we mean by "Guru Z - Making more Possible"

Hope you can find the product that fits you most from the different series of our product!

Guru-Z Team

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