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FP Belt Drive Kit of Xeon Series
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Boron series
Boron car

Key Features:
- Class 2 Bluetooth controlled, with 10m range.
- Ultilizing On-board Servo technology, which give you over 200 steps of steering control in extremely tiny space
- 6-way direction, all with continuous stepping.
- Fiber board Chassis
- Over 80min of fun with a single charge*
- LEDs fully controlled by Apps** (Front, Rear and Side LEDs)
- Convenient USB 5V charging
- optional Phone Strap
- optional suspension system
- optional more powerful motor
- optional mobile charger and charging dock
- User able to write their own app to control the car
- support most smartphone (Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile etc)

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Size(Body & battery not included):
Length x Width x Height: 57 x 27.5 x 15.4 mm
Weight: 22g
Wheelbase: 41mm
Track: 24.5mm

Communication channel: Class 2 Bluetooth:

Main Motor Power:
0.8W max. (Standard)
1W max. (Optional)

1 for Charging
8 for Lighting and signal

120mAh (Standard)
220mAh (Optional)

Inner Details:
Inside Inside Inside
Apps available:
by Delicious Computers